William P. McGonigle

Personal Information 251 Croydon Turnpike
Plainfield, NH
(603) 448-1668
e-mail: Bill.McGonigle.95@Alum.Dartmouth.org
BFC Computing, LLC
Owner and operator of a computer consulting company, developing software applications, database-backed websites, network appliances, network security strategies and providing general IT consulting.
Medical Media Systems, Inc.
Internet Systems Manager
2001 - 2004
Developed an online patient management system for physicians to monitor pre- and post-operative progress of endovascular surgery patients. Invented a method of secure medical image delivery over the Internet; designed and developed an embedded network appliance deployed at customer sites to interface existing DICOM networks with this method. Designed open-systems-based backend network and server infrastructure to support the company's products and daily business requirements. Developed several internal web-based, GUI, and client-server applications for day-to-day business needs and served as DBA for the company's databases.
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Programmer/Analyst, Clinical Computing
1998 - 2001
Developed internet and intranet-based information systems, interfacing both new RDBMS's and legacy databases with application servers, CGI programs, and custom web server modules. Developed a web-based medical history application for computer-assisted risk assessment and lab-test ordering, deployed on the Internet and on local 802.11-wireless touchscreen tablets.
1995 - 1998 Provided tertiary micro-computer software and hardware support for the most complex problems in the institution, including application-level macro support, OS-level programming, computer hardware and data network installations; managed experimental groups for software beta-tests, tested software and hardware configurations for stability; created technical documentation, served as a conduit between technical and support groups. Also maintained central directories, mail servers, file servers, WWW servers on UNIX and MacOS, and developed CGI scripts on both platforms, including legacy database access. Developed systems for interoperation of Mac, UNIX, PC, and terminal-based hardware. Designed and built prototype hardware for disabled employees. Designed and implemented IS Support databases. Engineered systems for real-time publishing of several databases on the WWW. Consulted numerous departments on technology integration, migration, and automation for current projects. Developed systems for interoperation of MacOS and Microsoft Windows systems. Designed and implemented network computer infrastructure.
Kiewit Computer Center, Dartmouth College
Consultant, Computer Support Services
1993, 1995
Provided Level II support to the Student Computer Assistants for Macintosh, DOS, Windows, AIX, Ultrix, OSF/1, VAX/VMS, DCTS, and VM/CMS operating systems. Specialized in cross-platform interoperation, UNIX support, and low-level Macintosh troubleshooting, networking, and remote-access issues. Also responsible for maintenance of the DND central computer directory and e-mail servers.
MicroWarehouse, Inc.
Technical Support Representative
1993 - 1994
Provided telephone technical support for the MacWarehouse, MicroWarehouse, DataComm Warehouse, CD-ROM Warehouse, Micro Supplies Warehouse and Paper Supplies Warehouse divisions. In providing telephone-based technical support to he world-wide customer base, duties included hardware and software troubleshooting for any of the approximately 10,000 products sold; problem research and resolution, vendor relations, and new technology assessment. Specialized in computer graphics applications, networking, and cross-platform multi-vendor hardware and software solutions. Level II Support responsibilities included support of other technicians, re-engineering the Technical Support Department's problem tracking / resolution, and knowledge database, maintaining departmental computer and network hardware, AppleShare and Windows NT servers. Also consulted on employee training and point-of sale reference guide projects.
McGonigle Digital Magic
Self-employed consultant 1989-2001
Specializing in small business computing, networking, data security, Internet database publishing and multimedia authoring.
Dartmouth College
Computer Science Major
Emphasis on multimedia systems, image processing, psycho-acoustic audio processing, networking, virtual reality, GIS, and multimedia-WWW integration.
Freehold High School
Medical Sciences Learning Center
Accelerated High School program for accomplished students interested in Medical Sciences, with concentration on biology, advanced math, chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, genetics, and computer science.
Computer Skills
Operating Systems MS-DOS 3 through 6.22, Macintosh OS (all versions), Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT 3.5.1 & NT 4, UNIX (Linux, Digital Unix, IRIX, Ultrix, Solaris, AIX, NextStep/MacOS X), OS/2, Newton Intelligence, PalmOS
Programming Languages C, C++, Java, Pascal, assembly (i80x8x, 68x00, & PowerPC), Perl, SQL, TCL, BASIC, AppleScript, UNIX tools, HTML, XML, CGI, mod_perl, Macintosh Toolbox, Windows SDK, X/Motif.
Networking Experience Physical Layer : 10/100 Base-T, Thinnet, AUI, Fiber, Telephone, LocalTalk, Infra-Red, OpenAir
Link Layer : Ethernet, FDDI, LocalTalk, PPP, SLIP, ARA, TIA, IRDA
Network Layer : IP, AppleTalk, IPX
Hardware: Single and Multi-protocol routers, bridges, and hubs, CSU/DSU, wireless access points, desktop-connections, punch-down blocks, remote access servers, terminal servers.
NOS/Services: IP DNS, Kerberos, LDAP, NetInfo, YP, Novell NetWare, LanManager/Windows NT
Community Organizations
1989 Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout
1996 - present Plainfield, NH Web Page Group & DNS administrator
1999 - present Upper Valley Computer Industry Association
2000 - 2002 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
2002 - present Mozilla Foundation (developer, QA)
2002 - present Grafton County Fish and Game Association
2004 - present Microcredit NH, Hanover Chapter Vice President
2004 - present Lebanon NH Chamber of Commerce